About Our Church

About Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church is Located in beautiful Brandon Manitoba,

We have been serving The Lord faithfully here in Brandon as a stable and growing church family  and a landmark in our community for close to 30 years. 

    Though times change the Word preached behind this pulpit remains unchanged and is just as relevant today as it was in years gone by.

    We  preach the life changing, inspired living Word of God, from the King James Bible. The Bible is our sole authority of faith and practice. It holds the answers to life’s questions and hope for life to come.We are a vibrant and active church body upholding the New Testament pattern of the Church and love of the brethren. We love and support the God-given institution of the family and desire to see it grow and flourish. We seek to be used of The Lord in helping the hurting souls of this world to find the Son of God and healing through his word. We actively support outreach to Brandon Manitoba, our neighbouring communities, Canada and all across the world. We partner with other churches of like faith and practice to see that task undertaken.

  Our Church family devotes itself to Worshipping God Honouring His Word and serving Him.We have been charged with Building up the people of God and to minister in brotherly love by teaching and training, fellowship and learning how to walk with Christ. We have also been given the task of reaching those who do not know our Lord and Saviour whether that is across the street or around the world. All of our church activities and work reflect this. We are not a social club but a vibrant growing church body devoted to being about our Saviours business.

What you will NOT find is a church full of perfect people, but what you will find is a vibrant growing body of Bible believing Christians committed to following Christ and making a difference in the lives we come in contact with.

About Our History

A group of like-minded believers in Brandon were meeting regularly at one their homes for services and Bible studies.

John Reaves ,a missionary, sent out of Grace Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, came and over a period of time the Church was organized.

The Church held its first membership meeting in November 1988, in a rented community centre and became know as Bible Baptist Church. We moved into our current building in 1996.

God led Pastor Parks to us after the death of Pastor Reaves and we have continued to grow,  dedicate ourselves to serving the Lord in carrying out the Great Commission to our community and to the world around us.

About Our Pastor


Pastor Paul H Parks

PastorParks is a veteran pastor that comes to us from Atlantic Canada where he ministered faithfully in the pastorate and was involved in church planting for many years. He, his wife Kathleen and family  strive to display the servant leadership needed to strengthen our church family and is a provider of steady leadership and faithful guidance.

His unique style of preaching the Word of God makes it plain for all to grasp the life changing concepts and grand teachings of the Word of God.